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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Welcome To Artbazz

Artbazz News

Announcing the launch of the all new Artbazz education website. Enjoy a variety of topics on art education from folks who love photography and painting. The following topics will be explored on a regular basis: artbazz paintings, Artbazz photography, artistic expressions, famous artist, how to learn art, how to promote your art, what art teaches children and adults and much more. Artbazz …

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Children and Adults Enjoy Photography

Picture Perfect

There are many ways to practice a love of photography. Take pictures in various locations and you will discover what appears to you the most. Red trees, blue pond and white clouds add picturesque contrast and interest. This photo was taken by a high end camera, but any digital camera will do. Photography will give you the chance to not only …

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Children and Art Lessons

Senoritas Art of Dance

Children as art students learn to make decisions based on judgment, not right or wrong answers. A beautiful piece of art to one person, and many people, could be disastrous looking to another similar group of people. It is your call. Art is one of the few areas in life where there is no one right or wrong, but many different answers. Children learn …

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The Art Of Relaxation

Looking Forward Country Relaxation

Forget your problems, forget your concerns, and delve into the realm of your art. Deep inside a hidden compartment in your heart, there is a peaceful place were you can live through your art. If you need a deep expression to take yourself away and put your feelings in concrete real life views, you can do just that in your art. Then you can sit back; admire your artwork and say, …

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