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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Finger-painting Your Way To Success

Budding Child Artist Who Learns Finger-Painting in Kindergarten

In America kids learn to finger-paint in kindergarten. For many kids finger-painting is the start of something big. The squishy feel of the paint rolling across the page as they move their hands around and around to form that first masterpiece, is the start of many of artist genius. Finger-painting teaches kids a lot about painting, hence the early art lessons are in this most …

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Paint the Perfect Picture Many Ways Using One Drawing

Country Biking

There are many directions you can steer your artwork as it takes shape. One artist can take a single picture or drawing and disguise it from picture to picture with various types of color, ink, and paper or canvas size. Each picture will have it’s own personality, with even a small change in methods. A major change in methods and …

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Taking Beautiful Beach Pictures


When my friends go to the beach and look at the ocean, they don’t think about photography. Being a person with a photo eye, I see most things as potentially a picture waiting to happen. The oceans and beaches are amongst them. There are many different types of oceans and beaches to photograph. The most interesting are the surrounding objects, …

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Photography and Art Lesson For Children

Artbazz Black-Butter-Fly

Photography can take you to the most unlikely places to find beautiful scenes to photograph. I warn you, beautiful places may be addictive, so get prepared to join the ranks of “photag addictive”. “Photag Addictive” is the nickname you get when you get hooked on everything photography. Walking down a beach trail, you can find rare plants to photograph. Standing …

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Art Comes From Fun and Relaxation


Where you will see how various art education programs and casual enjoyment of art can be grasped by all age levels with the same intensity. The art of acrylic painting and photography are our main topics. There are many forms of art including pottery, sculpturing, water color, oil painting, interior design, quilting and many more. All art forms can be enjoyed …

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Famous Contemporary African American Artist and Art Exhibit in Virginia

Museum Art

Famous artist span the spectrum of the globe, from The United States to Africa, Asia, Central American, South America, and Europe. There are the mid-century artist and the contemporary artist. There are the acrylic, oil and water color artist, the photographic artist, the sculpture artist, the glass artist, and just about any type of art you can think of. Art …

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Sharing My Art Experience as a Painter and Photographer

Art Education School

Art education is for all ages. It begins with learning to appreciate art and ends with learning to do art. Art is stimulating to the mind, enjoyment to the senses, and beauty to the eyes. Some artists practice their art for pure enjoyment, while others also make a living selling their art. Some artist teach art in a studio or art …

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