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Edible Art Projects For Kids

Edible Art Projects For Kids at artbazz.org

    What’s in your Edible Art Toolkit? Decorating and then eating the art project is great fun for children, as well as a creative stimulator. Savvy shoppers capitalize on sales to make sure that they have stables that kids can use to make edible art projects. Cookies, cupcakes and other edible craft items are a delight to make and …

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Introducing Art to Children

Point Loma Lighthouse, San Diego

  Children love art and can be entertained for hours with crayons, finger paint, play dough, construction paper, scissors and glue. Unfortunately due to budget cuts Art class can be among the first cut.  Children express their creativity through art. It is a form of release, a source of enjoyment and way they can share their views on life. Parents can …

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Artbazz Home Art Projects For Children

Old Farm Days

There are many household items supplemented by inexpensive outside sources that could be used to create an Artbazz home art projects. Dollars stores are great places to find inexpensive art supplies year-round. Construction paper, poster paper, paint, paintbrushes, pens, colored pencils, markers, crayons, glue, play dough and pipe cleaners can all be found at the local Dollar store.  Even things you …

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5 Tips to Safely Bring Children and Your Camera Together, at Artbazz

  Children and Your Photographs at Artbazz.org   Photography seems so magical at Artbazz. You press a button on your camera, a flash and a click quickly follow and then you have picture representing a moment frozen in time. Whenever I bring my camera around children I can be sure to have a captive audience. There are safe ways to …

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Artbazz Online Shops For Art and Photography Press Release

Artbazz Fine Art

It’s time to shop for fine art paintings and photography online Lois Center-Shabazz has set up her shopping carts on her art websites and is able to share her works worldwide Chesapeake, VA, August 15, 2013– After years of requests from fans, visual artist Lois Center-Shabazz is now able to offer her paintings, prints and photography through her websites, www.artbazz.com …

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Artbazz Studio Masterpieces Press Release

Artbazz Online Studio Press Relese

 Virginia Artist lois center-shabazz Creates Masterpieces Every Day On Display at Artbazz Photography  Accomplished artist and photographer Center-Shabazz opens full-time, artbazz online studio Chesapeake, VA, June 15, 2013– Since the age of 12, Lois Center-Shabazz has had an interest in art. For most of her life, art was a hobby, a pastime that allowed her to pursue her passion, while …

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Artbazz Fine Art Website Launch at Artbazz.com

Photo, Like Zebra, for Artbazz.com Press Release

Extraordinary original art works available through a new website, artbazz.com Lois Center-Shabazz brings her acrylic on canvas works and giclee prints to the whole world Chesapeake, VA, July 15, 2013– One of Virginia’s and the nation’s most accomplished and respected artists is now making her works available on the Internet for purchase. Through www.artbazz.com, Lois Center-Shabazz’s stunning works and prints …

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