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5 Tips to Safely Bring Children and Your Camera Together, at Artbazz

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Children and Your Photographs at


Photography seems so magical at Artbazz. You press a button on your camera, a flash and a click quickly follow and then you have picture representing a moment frozen in time. Whenever I bring my camera around children I can be sure to have a captive audience. There are safe ways to bring your camera around children without injury to them or your equipment.

1. Educate children about the camera and safety.

Before introducing your student to the camera have a talk with them about safety and the proper use of a camera.  Decide on a project and set guidelines early to avoid confusion or harm to the equipment.

2. Always secure the camera strap to the camera.

Students are less likely to drop a camera if the strap is around their neck.  When working with very young children the adult should hold the camera and let the child press the shutter.

3. Use a tripod.

A tripod will secure your camera from being dropped.  Once the camera is mounted children can use the arm to move it around to get different shots. Adjustments can be made to the tripod to make it comfortable for students to get the shots they want.

 4. Share and print pictures.

Once the pictures are taken you can print them inexpensively at a local drug store and mount them to construction paper. Children can even personalize the paper that holds their pictures.  Once this is completed pictures can be hung around the room and everyone can walk around to see the photos.

5. Have students bring in photographs on a flash drive.

They can download photographs from the Internet or take one with a camera. There is free software available that will allow children to make changes to their picture then can be printed and shared with other.

It is enjoyable to look at photographs and with some attention to safety even young children can create art though photographs without incident.


Candace Waller,
Artbazz Children’s Editor


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5 Tips to bring children and your camera together at

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