Sunday , April 11 2021

Art Comes From Fun and Relaxation

Artbazz-blizzardWhere you will see how various art education programs and casual enjoyment of art can be grasped by all age levels with the same intensity.

The art of acrylic painting and photography are our main topics.

There are many forms of art including pottery, sculpturing, water color, oil painting, interior design, quilting and many more.

All art forms can be enjoyed equally by all age levels, using the same principles of design and production. Learning art is similar to learning to relax and have fun.  Have fun to relax, and as a result you can relax to
create beautiful forms of art. When you are relaxed you can create forms of art that you never imagined you could create, otherwise. So, relax, have fun and create.

Acrylic painting is beautiful, lasting and stable. Photography takes me to the most beautiful places in the country to as I take picture after picture after picture I am not sad when I have to leave.  I get to go back home and remember those beautiful lasting impressions by going over and over my beautiful pictures.

That’s me by the way, having fun in a snow blizzard.

About loisart

I am a lifelong artist; photographer and acrylic painting artist. I love art and everything surrounding art. The peace, serenity, joy and happiness it brings me and my admirers.