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Artbazz Studio Masterpieces Press Release

 Virginia Artist lois center-shabazz Creates Masterpieces Every Day
On Display at Artbazz Photography

 Accomplished artist and photographer Center-Shabazz opens full-time, artbazz online studio

Artbazz Fine ArtChesapeake, VA, June 15, 2013
– Since the age of 12, Lois Center-Shabazz has had an interest in art. For most of her life, art was a hobby, a pastime that allowed her to pursue her passion, while maintaining a successful dental practice in California.

After 20 years in dentistry, Center-Shabazz decided to pursue art full-time. She attended the Bezalal School of Art in Chesapeake, Virginia, then study under Devi Anne Moore.


After a lifetime of art as a hobby, I have been blessed to be able to create art full-time. Now I not only paint, but I am also doing photography and creating my own giclee prints. This is a dream come true. It is very exciting for me to be able to be creative professionally. – Lois Center-Shabazz

Today, Center-Shabazz focuses most of her painting using acrylic on canvas. She has also begun to publish works photography of natural themes, full of life and color, many on display at

Her works are issued for sale in the original and also in signed, limited edition giclee prints issued with certificates of authenticity. Her prints are created on a wide-format, 12-color, pigmented ink printer, assuring extraordinary quality and accuracy.

 I have been able to show my art throughout Virginia and some of my pieces hang in some of Virginia’s finest homes, of which I am very proud. It is my hope that I can share my love and passion for art with many more people, particularly a new generation of gifted artists. – Lois Center-Shabazz



Born in California, Lois Center-Shabazz began designing clothing on paper at age 12. From there, she began to explore more art while attending to a long career in dentistry. Around 2000, she decided to pursue art full-time. Since then she has expanded her art to acrylics and photography. She has recently created an art education website for children, launched a website for her photography and is now making her work available online for sale.

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