Thursday , January 21 2021


I am a lifelong artist; photographer and acrylic painting artist. I love art and everything surrounding art. The peace, serenity, joy and happiness it brings me and my admirers.

Artbazz Online Shops For Art and Photography Press Release

Artbazz Fine Art

It’s time to shop for fine art paintings and photography online Lois Center-Shabazz has set up her shopping carts on her art websites and is able to share her works worldwide Chesapeake, VA, August 15, 2013– After years of requests from fans, visual artist Lois Center-Shabazz is now able to offer her paintings, prints and photography through her websites, …

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Artbazz Studio Masterpieces Press Release

Artbazz Online Studio Press Relese

 Virginia Artist lois center-shabazz Creates Masterpieces Every Day On Display at Artbazz Photography  Accomplished artist and photographer Center-Shabazz opens full-time, artbazz online studio Chesapeake, VA, June 15, 2013– Since the age of 12, Lois Center-Shabazz has had an interest in art. For most of her life, art was a hobby, a pastime that allowed her to pursue her passion, while …

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Artbazz Fine Art Website Launch at

Photo, Like Zebra, for Press Release

Extraordinary original art works available through a new website, Lois Center-Shabazz brings her acrylic on canvas works and giclee prints to the whole world Chesapeake, VA, July 15, 2013– One of Virginia’s and the nation’s most accomplished and respected artists is now making her works available on the Internet for purchase. Through, Lois Center-Shabazz’s stunning works and prints …

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How to Develop Your Child Into An Artist

Finger-Painting Part 2 In America kids learn to finger-paint in kindergarten. For many kids finger-painting is the start of something big. The squishy feel of the paint rolling across the page as they move their hands around and around to form that first masterpiece. Some think of it as mindless play, but for many it is the start of an …

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Artbazz Launches Nature Photography Website at Nature Photography

Master Artbazz artist Lois Center-shabazz Launches Her Own Nature Photography Site After years as a painter and selling her photography privately, Center-Shabazz makes her works available to the whole world For Immediate Release Chesapeake, VA, July 1, 2013– For years, Lois Center-Shabazz’s photography has been a well-kept secret in the art world. This gifted visual artist has been working in …

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A Space Shuttle In My Face Over Monterey Bay, California

The space shuttle under the clouds in Monterey Bay, California-From Artbazz

I was in Monterey Bay, California and heard rumors of a space shuttle in southern California. I didn’t think it would fly right over my head to get to it’s final resting destination, but that is what ultimately happened. The space shuttle was on it’s way to retire, and started out from the air force base, flying over Monterey Bay and circling the state …

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Finger-painting Your Way To Success

Budding Child Artist Who Learns Finger-Painting in Kindergarten

In America kids learn to finger-paint in kindergarten. For many kids finger-painting is the start of something big. The squishy feel of the paint rolling across the page as they move their hands around and around to form that first masterpiece, is the start of many of artist genius. Finger-painting teaches kids a lot about painting, hence the early art lessons are in this most …

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Paint the Perfect Picture Many Ways Using One Drawing

Country Biking

There are many directions you can steer your artwork as it takes shape. One artist can take a single picture or drawing and disguise it from picture to picture with various types of color, ink, and paper or canvas size. Each picture will have it’s own personality, with even a small change in methods. A major change in methods and …

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Taking Beautiful Beach Pictures


When my friends go to the beach and look at the ocean, they don’t think about photography. Being a person with a photo eye, I see most things as potentially a picture waiting to happen. The oceans and beaches are amongst them. There are many different types of oceans and beaches to photograph. The most interesting are the surrounding objects, …

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Photography and Art Lesson For Children

Artbazz Black-Butter-Fly

Photography can take you to the most unlikely places to find beautiful scenes to photograph. I warn you, beautiful places may be addictive, so get prepared to join the ranks of “photag addictive”. “Photag Addictive” is the nickname you get when you get hooked on everything photography. Walking down a beach trail, you can find rare plants to photograph. Standing …

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