Sunday , April 11 2021

Artbazz Photography

Artbazz photography covers the beaches of California to the countryside of Virginia.

5 Tips to Safely Bring Children and Your Camera Together, at Artbazz

  Children and Your Photographs at   Photography seems so magical at Artbazz. You press a button on your camera, a flash and a click quickly follow and then you have picture representing a moment frozen in time. Whenever I bring my camera around children I can be sure to have a captive audience. There are safe ways to …

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A Space Shuttle In My Face Over Monterey Bay, California

The space shuttle under the clouds in Monterey Bay, California-From Artbazz

I was in Monterey Bay, California and heard rumors of a space shuttle in southern California. I didn’t think it would fly right over my head to get to it’s final resting destination, but that is what ultimately happened. The space shuttle was on it’s way to retire, and started out from the air force base, flying over Monterey Bay and circling the state …

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Taking Beautiful Beach Pictures


When my friends go to the beach and look at the ocean, they don’t think about photography. Being a person with a photo eye, I see most things as potentially a picture waiting to happen. The oceans and beaches are amongst them. There are many different types of oceans and beaches to photograph. The most interesting are the surrounding objects, …

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Children and Adults Enjoy Photography

Picture Perfect

There are many ways to practice a love of photography. Take pictures in various locations and you will discover what appears to you the most. Red trees, blue pond and white clouds add picturesque contrast and interest. This photo was taken by a high end camera, but any digital camera will do. Photography will give you the chance to not only …

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