Sunday , April 11 2021

What Art Teaches Adults

Adults can learn to develop a high level of artistic skills late in life, with the right art teacher.

Edible Art Projects For Kids

Edible Art Projects For Kids at

    What’s in your Edible Art Toolkit? Decorating and then eating the art project is great fun for children, as well as a creative stimulator. Savvy shoppers capitalize on sales to make sure that they have stables that kids can use to make edible art projects. Cookies, cupcakes and other edible craft items are a delight to make and …

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Paint the Perfect Picture Many Ways Using One Drawing

Country Biking

There are many directions you can steer your artwork as it takes shape. One artist can take a single picture or drawing and disguise it from picture to picture with various types of color, ink, and paper or canvas size. Each picture will have it’s own personality, with even a small change in methods. A major change in methods and …

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Art Comes From Fun and Relaxation


Where you will see how various art education programs and casual enjoyment of art can be grasped by all age levels with the same intensity. The art of acrylic painting and photography are our main topics. There are many forms of art including pottery, sculpturing, water color, oil painting, interior design, quilting and many more. All art forms can be enjoyed …

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The Art Of Relaxation

Looking Forward Country Relaxation

Forget your problems, forget your concerns, and delve into the realm of your art. Deep inside a hidden compartment in your heart, there is a peaceful place were you can live through your art. If you need a deep expression to take yourself away and put your feelings in concrete real life views, you can do just that in your art. Then you can sit back; admire your artwork and say, …

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