Tuesday , May 18 2021

Children and Art Lessons

Senoritas Art of Dance
Children as art students learn to make decisions based on judgment, not right or wrong answers. A beautiful piece of art to one person, and many people, could be disastrous looking to another similar group of people. It is your call. Art is one of the few areas in life where there is no one right or wrong, but many different answers.

Children learn easily. There are those who can paint, draw, and do sculptures like a professional artist, with little or no training. Then there are those who, with a limited amount of training could become a professional and high quality artist. No one ever knows how well they can paint a picture, take and edit photographs, or sculpt with clay, until they give it an honest effort.

Children have a tremendous amount of energy they release upon the opportunity to express themselves through art. Given the chance to do a variety of art forms, they will create an infinite array of artwork within each given field. Encourage your child or student to create through art.

Kids Learn Art On Autopilot, Encourage Them To Flourish


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