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Finger-painting Your Way To Success

Child artist and finger painting in kindergardenIn America kids learn to finger-paint in kindergarten. For many kids finger-painting is the start of something big. The squishy feel of the paint rolling across the page as they move their hands around and around to form that first masterpiece, is the start of many of artist genius.

Finger-painting teaches kids a lot about painting, hence the early art lessons are in this most unlikely of places, in the kindergarten classroom.

The choice of color combinations is an experiment in color contrast, hue and saturation. The experimentation and design with color leads to a keen eye for color and design for many, as they grow from kids to adults.

When a child rolls his or her hands around and around the page, they are actually experimenting with a combination of infinite possiblities of design. Kids learn how to create and control the  texture of
the paint, with light or heavy pressure. Also the the combination of paint texture, color and design often leads to beautiful abstracts admired for years, even though started in the kindergarten class.

The imagination of the fingerpainting rookie goes on and on, as they imagine different shapes they can muster with a slightly different and changing motion of their fingers or hands.

The last, but not least of it, is the self-pride that comes with their own masterpiece as it hangs on the refrigerator door,  proudly displayed for all who enter, to can see and admire.

As odd as it may seem, finger-painting may be your child’s ticket to an artistic future
artist, Lois


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I am a lifelong artist; photographer and acrylic painting artist. I love art and everything surrounding art. The peace, serenity, joy and happiness it brings me and my admirers.

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