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How to Develop Your Child Into An Artist

Finger-Painting Part 2

In St. Lawrence Rive BeautyAmerica kids learn to finger-paint in kindergarten. For many kids finger-painting is the start of something big. The squishy feel of the paint rolling across the page as they move their hands around and around to form that first masterpiece. Some think of it as mindless play, but for many it is the start of an artist genius. Many artist learn to paint portraits like a professional starting with the first art class in kindergarten.

The choice of color combinations is an experiment in color contrast, hue and saturation. The experimentation and design with color leads to a keen eye for color and design for many, as they grow from kids to adults.

When a child rolls his or her hands around and around the page, they are actually experimenting with a combination of infinite possibilities of design created by an explicit form of hand eye coordination. Kids learn how to create and control the texture of the paint, with light or heavy pressure, the size and focal point of the design and create outrageously interesting shapes. The combination of paint texture, color and design, often leads to beautiful abstract paintings admired for years, never mind they were created in the kindergarten class.

Art lessons in community centers, grade school, community art studios, libraries, and museums, are just a short list of the places children and adults can develop into budding artist. They offer a variety of classes in acrylic painting, oil painting, watercolor, and in various types of picture-painting, such as portrait painting, landscape painting, and abstract painting. After painting for awhile you will develop a style of your own and a bias for a particular type of picture-painting.

Oil painting was practiced a long time ago because of the availability. Watercolor is beautiful, but it has its limitations. Acrylic painting is actually a newer form of painting-it last longer, is more stable under sunlight, dries fast and is easy to manipulate.

There are many reasons young students love to paint whether 5 or 55, one major reason is the self-pride that comes with creating a masterpiece as it hangs on the refrigerator door or the living room wall, proudly displayed for all who enter, to admire. Later, after developing from a budding artist to an accomplished artist you can compare your progress over a few years and notice a consistent improvement.

There is a great artist inside many students, but the only way for an art student to find out is to develop art through classes and practice. By working hard to develop your painting skills you can learn to paint like a pro.

View beautiful pictures by an acrylic artist and photographer who started her artistic talents this way, as a young child experimenting with color and design from childhood to adult.



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