Sunday , April 11 2021

Paint the Perfect Picture Many Ways Using One Drawing

Country BikingThere are many directions you can steer your artwork as it takes shape. One artist can take a single picture or drawing and disguise it from picture to picture with various types of color, ink, and paper or canvas size. Each picture will have it’s own personality, with even a small change in methods. A major change in methods and materials will make it appear as unrecognizable from the original.

One artist can paint a picture or drawing with a blue color key, the same picture in a red color key, and the same picture in a monochromatic color key. Each picture will have a totally different look and feel. One picture will give a feeling of warmth, another one of whimsical joy, another one of peace and calm. The feeling comes from the combination

of color hue, saturation, intensity, and warm colors or cool colors. When you paint the same picture in several ways, place them side by side and you will notice a different feeling from each picture. There is no right way or wrong way to paint a picture, just
the right feeling for each artist who paints the picture.

Color is one way to change the look and feel of a picture and brush strokes are another. There are as many different types of brush strokes as there are colors. I once observed a major well-know artist with the same picture in five different versions on the wall. Each version of his painting had a different brush stroke. Of the many pictures, one was impressionist, with a long modern brush stroke and one had a short realistic brush stroke, those two stuck out in my mind. They were pictures of the same two little girls with a totally different look and feel.

The same picture can also be painted on different sizes of paper and canvas, all with a different effect. Larger pictures will bring out one type of detail, while in the

smaller picture, all detail of the larger pictures may be absent, but other details will be apparent with the smaller picture.

 A Beautiful Picture Is In The Eye of The Beholder and a Feeling of the Soul artist, Lois Center-Shabazz


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