Tuesday , May 18 2021

Photography and Art Lesson For Children

Artbazz Black-Butter-FlyPhotography can take you to the most unlikely places to find beautiful scenes to photograph. I warn you, beautiful places may be addictive, so get prepared to join the ranks of “photag addictive”. “Photag Addictive” is the nickname you get when you get hooked on everything photography.

Walking down a beach trail, you can find rare plants to photograph.

Standing on the sand you can spot old piers to photograph.

Walking through a botanical garden, you can find a butterfly bush that contains dozens of different butterfly’s to photograph.

You can frame some very ordinary objects on a city tour to crop out a beautiful picture.

All of the pictures you take can be converted into paintings. Crop out a scene in the photo to paint,
and see how you can create a beautiful memory within a memory.

Beautiful art is within the eye of the artist



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I am a lifelong artist; photographer and acrylic painting artist. I love art and everything surrounding art. The peace, serenity, joy and happiness it brings me and my admirers.