Sunday , April 11 2021

Sharing My Art Experience as a Painter and Photographer

Art Education SchoolArt education is for all ages. It begins with learning to appreciate art and ends with learning to do art. Art is stimulating to the mind, enjoyment to the senses, and beauty to the eyes. Some artists practice their art for pure enjoyment, while others also make a living selling their art. Some artist teach art in a studio or art history in a museum or classroom.

At Artbazz you will see that various art education programs and casual enjoyment of art can be grasped by all age levels with the same intensity.

The art of acrylic painting and photography are our main topics, because they are my art. Photography has mushroomed since the advent of the digital camera that does not require the old dark room technology. Another item that makes it easier is the auto-focus and other focus dial items that do not require the more difficult manual operation. Photoshop has a learning curve, but it also easily adds interest with a few clicks of an edit, something not available a several decades ago.

The old standard in painting pictures was oil. With the advent of acrylic paints, there is both faster drying and longer lasting paints.

There are many forms of art including pottery, sculpturing, water color, oil painting, photography, interior design, quilting and many more.

 All art forms can be enjoyed equally by all age levels, using the same principles of design and production.

I use Photoshop to edit my photography. I use acrylic paint on canvas for my paintings.


About loisart

I am a lifelong artist; photographer and acrylic painting artist. I love art and everything surrounding art. The peace, serenity, joy and happiness it brings me and my admirers.