Tuesday , May 18 2021

Taking Beautiful Beach Pictures

Beach-PicturesWhen my friends go to the beach and look at the ocean, they don’t think about photography. Being a person with a photo eye, I see most things as potentially a picture waiting to happen. The oceans and beaches are amongst them.

There are many different types of oceans and beaches to photograph. The most interesting are the surrounding objects, which together with the blue ocean, skies and sand, can produce contrasting pictures.

The ocean itself has piers, old objects such as anchors, plants, boats, and buoys.

Some beaches and oceans are across from small cities that provide a nice backdrop over the blue ocean.

Some beaches have hills, rocks, grass and trees in front of the sand and ocean. This makes for a contrast in blue, brown and green colors.

The sunsets are the most interesting scenes on a beach. But, timing is of the essence. You can study the local newspapers and find out what time the sun goes down to get a clean, crisp picture of the sun falling behind the horizon. The reflection of the sun in the water when it reaches the horizon, is priceless.

White cloud skies, blue water and glistening sand, all make a beautiful backdrop to start your beach photography



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